Standards of handling personal information

The followings are general items of standards of handling privacy that are described for the customers who use this site. Kyocera Communication Systems Co., Ltd., (hereinafter "KCCS") respects personal information of our customers and, in order to protect it, has established the following standards of handling personal information when you use this site.

Collection of personal information

In normal use of this site, customers do not need to disclose personal information (including names, addresses, email addresses, phone numbers, etc.), but if customers use a service such as inquiries, they may be asked to provide their personal information.
If customers are asked to provide their personal information, this site informs them of the purpose of use in advance. Customers voluntarily provide their personal information. KCCS properly manage the personal information provided, and does not modify the information provided without the consent of the customer.

Website of KCCS "" obtained "SECOM passport for Web" by SECOM Trust Systems Co., Ltd. Personal information input and transmitted on-line for inquiries and application will be protected by SSL encryption transmission.

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Disclosure of personal information

KCCS will not disclose to any third party other than the contractors and the subcontractors any personal information provided by our customers without the consent of the customers. When KCCS discloses personal information provided by customers to those companies, etc., we will properly manage and protect such personal information of the customers by imposing the obligation by contracts unless there are special circumstances.

Use of cookies

This site may use cookies issued by KCCS or a third party as a means of collecting statistical data for understanding of actual usage. Cookies are small text files that the Web server issues to identify the customer's PC that accessed to this site. They are recorded on the hard disk of the customer's PC as a standard feature of the browser, but the data obtained by this technology contains no information by which personal identity can be confirmed. Customers are able to refuse to accept cookies by so setting the browser. Services of this site are available without accepting cookies.

Collection of access information

This site records information of customers who accessed as the access logs. The recorded information includes IP addresses of persons who accessed, access dates and times, information on the previous page, information on the setting of the browsers and the system in part, but not any information by which personal identity is identified. The data obtained will be used for purposes such as analysis on use situation and improvement of this site.

For the analysis of web access, website of KCCS "" is using Google Analytics provided by Google LLC.


KCCS strictly manage personal information under the environment in which security measures are provided so that there is no leakage to a third party under the environment in which customers who use this site input and manage their personal information. (Customers may be asked to provide with more sensitive information in some cases, and KCCS strives to protect such information by encryption of information.)

Inquiry of personal information

KCCS makes every effort to maintain the accuracy and currency of personal information provided by customers. If there are any inaccuracies in personal information of a customer and the customer contacts to each contacts of this site and wishes the correction, KCCS will respond quickly to a reasonable extent.


KCCS will comply with laws, regulations, and other rules on the protection of personal information, and continuously review and improve the treatments mentioned in the above sections.