Management Consulting

The founder of Kyocera, Kazuo Inamori, developed a unique management system, known as "the Amoeba Management System" through real-life experience. It is a practical and universal business management method that provides companies with strong support in a turbulent business environment.

A wide range of companies in different sectors has introduced this service.
They include manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers, service providers, as well as medical and care-giving entities and venture companies (926 companies as of March 2023).

With consulting based on the Amoeba Management System, we support our customers' "corporate innovation."

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Consulting for the Amoeba Management System

We support the introduction, operation, progression and establishment of the Amoeba Management System which is a comprehensive consulting service tailored to the growth and development of our customers' businesses. Through the participation of all employees in management we support the revitalization of organizations and the training of staff who can see things from a managerial perspective.

Consulting for the Amoeba Management System for Medical and Care-Giving Entities

We support the introduction, operation, progression and establishment of the Amoeba Management System for medical and care-giving facilities. We realize the visualization and soundness of management, and we support the permanent provision of high-quality and fulfilling medical and long-term care services.

Management Section Operation Consulting

We will support the creation of a system for "leveraging people" including operations, such as strengthening management and operation work centered on business management, and implementing education and training programs.

Employee Training Consulting

To achieve the Amoeba Management System in which all employees participate, we provide educational and training programs for each level in the organization, from new employees to senior executives, that utilize the achievements of the Kyocera Group.

Online Training Services

We offer learning opportunities such as the Inamori Digital Library membership service that distributes lectures by Kazuo Inamori (the founder of Kyocera); the liberal arts course BizArts that focuses on business; and the e-book distribution platform BookLooper.

Information Systems

We provide information systems that can acquire and manage on-site information in a timely manner, for the efficient operation of the Amoeba Management System.

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