Management's Message

Kyocera Communication Systems (KCCS) became independent from Kyocera Corporation and began its operation in 1995 as an information and communication systems company. As the KCCS Group, we cover the following four major domains: ICT (Information and Communication Technology), Telecommunications Engineering, Environment and Energy Engineering, and Management Consulting for companies.

The KCCS Group provides a high level of service in each of our four business domains. Moreover, by synergies from those domains, we create new business and strive to improve our customers' profitability.

In an age where business is becoming more and more global, one can't survive without strong consolidated management in line with the universal corporate governance standard. We support Japanese companies in expanding , especially in Asia that attracts many of them. We will continue to take on challenges by developing products and services which are universally available and chosen by customers.

Our mission is to exceed the expectations of our customers and create new value to help them succeed even more. We do this while upholding the Kyocera Philosophy based on "To do what is right as a human being," and the Amoeba Management System, a unique business administration method. The philosophy and management system work in tandem, as we contribute to the dynamic advances of our client firms and the development of society, whether in Japan or overseas. Our motto is "Faster, deeper and newer than what is expected."

President Yoshihito Kurose

President Yoshihito Kurose