Privacy Policy for targeted advertising services

Targeted advertising services

KCCS collects usage information of users in the website of the business partners (including retailers, advertisers, and persons to whom advertisement is delivered) of Targeted Advertising Services and offers service to display advertisements and contents (including products) according to the interests and preferences of customers.
As a result, KCCS aims to provide a comfortable environment for Web browsing by reducing the opportunity to view advertisements less related to the customers.

Usage information to be collected

KCCS are collecting behavioral history information including page browsing, advertisement browsing, and usage time slots of users who accessed to the website of the business partners by cookies and terminal identifier. In addition, the behavioral history information collected as this is the anonymous data and does not contain any personally identifiable information such as names, dates of birth, and email addresses by which any individual is identified.

Purpose of use of collected information

This behavioral history information is used to perform the Targeted Advertising Services of KCCS. In addition, the collected behavioral history information is used to categorize groups with similar preferences or measure advertising effect by statistical processing, but not to individually analyze information of specific individuals.


If you wish to deny collection of behavioral history information, please click the opt-out button at the bottom of the page. By this, the service of KCCS will not be able to store visit history. (Please note that if the setting is disabled due to deletion of cookies or change of PCs, the accumulation may be restarted.)