The Mission of Sustainability
Based on our business mission: "To build an enriched society providing reliable and user-friendly communication services which connect both people with people and people with society," the KCCS Group implements a number of activities that contribute to society. We are also proactively involved in environmental protection activities and work to help create both a sustainable environment and society.

Social Responsibility is Essential to Build Mutual Trust with Society

Corporate governance
Based on the Kyocera Philosophy, we uphold equity and fairness, and sustain highly transparent systems of corporate governance and internal control.
Improvement of customer satisfaction
Providing a level of service with sincerity and promptness that always surpasses customer expectations.
Co-existence and co-prosperity with our business partners
As a good partner, we aim to create relationships that allow mutual strength to be displayed at a new level by keeping the concept of mutual benefit in mind and development through fair competition.

Social Contribution Activities for Community Development

Centering on four sectional committees (Regional Society, International Society, Education and Welfare, and Environmental Protection), we continue to support activities that improve the quality of life / society both in Japan and overseas. We established intra-firm rules such as the "Volunteer Holiday System" and "Work Leave System Overseas Cooperation Volunteers" to support our employees to volunteer in social work. This also allows employees to participate in JOVC activities.
KCCS Group's social contribution

Environmental Activities that Contribute to People, Businesses and the Planet

KCCS has acquired ISO14001 certification, an international standard for environmental management. Providing the eco-friendly GreenOffice® brand ICT service from its early times, we promote improvement of productivity, paperless systems and similar benefits. While continuing to conduct business activities that contribute to protecting the global environment, the KCCS Group will also continue to provide solutions that improve the relationship among people, businesses, and the planet through various products and services.