Information and Communication Technology

ACTIVATE ICT services synchronized with business operations
Our ICT business operations are based on the following concept: "protect, link and leverage information to expand business for our customers." We provide system solutions which best fit our customers’ needs and business management. This includes focusing on the cost-effectiveness and optimization of ICT services, from development-introduction phases to operation phases. Together with our GreenOffice® brand, we offer ICT solutions that are not only based on technology, but what is surely needed to support customers’ management operations.
ICT Service Categories


Designed to support management operations
We support customers’ business operation using information utilization knowledge and skills acquired since we were still in the Kyocera Information Systems Division. We promote improvements in productivity and management capability through systems integration, ERP packages, consolidated management solutions, workflow solutions and document distribution services.

IT Infrastructure

Seamless utilization of information
We were the first to provide systems for mobile contents delivery at our Data Center. Utilizing the skills and technological expertise cultivated at our Data Center, we provide high-end cloud environments, M2M closed networks, and other solutions. These solutions support speedy business development and business continuity.

IT Operations

Strengthening business efficiency and compliance
We provide total IT support from introduction through operation from a management perspective. These services are based on skills and technologies cultivated to support the provision of critical services for telecommunications carriers. We plan to improve compliance and strengthen security through reliable IT asset management by supporting operation visualization, quality improvement, and cost reduction efforts.


Providing a secure business environment
We provide security products and services covering networks, servers, and systems, including the Web application security area which we were the first to tackle in the industry. By safeguarding information through prevention, protection, and detection, we support security measures that meet our customers’ company policies.

Web Marketing

Utilizing Vast Data for marketing purposes
We analyze Internet users’ interest variety based on vast amounts of user browsing information, which enables us to provide both a recommendation service and an advertisement delivery platform. This allows us to uncover the potential needs of Internet users. Thus, we have knowledge of supporting ICT usages in marketing, linked to management operations.