Business Development

KCCS Group services are being used overseas ICT Telecommunications Engineering Management Consulting Environment and Energy Engineering
The KCCS Group has developed its ICT, Telecommunications Engineering, Environment and Energy Engineering, and Management Consulting businesses in Japan. The skills and technologies cultivated by these businesses not only support Kyocera Group overseas locations, but support Japanese businesses expanding overseas. We are also expanding our business fields by supporting foreign companies.
We have branches in China, Singapore and North America in order to support Kyocera Group’s overseas branches and also to provide ICT products and services to other Japanese overseas branches as well as local companies. Kyocera Communication Systems (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. is strengthening our security business in China. Also, in April 2013 we incorporated our Singapore branch into Kyocera Communication Systems Singapore Pte. Ltd. It provides SaaS based ERP services and security solutions to Japanese manufacturing companies in Southeast Asia. KCCS will strengthen alliance with our overseas branches in order to provide a higher level of support to our customers' overseas expansion.
Telecommunications Engineering
We are starting mobile and wireless network optimization business in the Southeast Asian market, using our unique measurement and analysis techniques acquired in Japan. In October 2012, we acquired capital in Propel Network Sdn Bhd, a Malaysian company that carries out network optimization. Furthermore In August 2013, we established Kyocera Communication Systems Vietnam Co., Ltd. in Vietnam. We start offshore mobile base station design toward our Japanese customers aiming to start network optimization business in a few years. We aim to support construction of mobile and wireless network infrastructure in Asia using the KCCS Groups' strength in network optimization.
Environment and Energy Engineering
We carry out surveys to understand the local energy situation. Equipment such as power conditioners are procured from foreign vendors to strengthen our connections with local businesses for future expansion. In Japan, we have surveyed, designed, constructed and operated mega solar power plants. With the above technical know-how as a base, we add ICT knowledge such as EMS (Energy Management System) to provide a synchronized energy service overseas. As a first step, we are carrying out training of supervisors with technical knowledge for smooth business execution overseas.
Management Consulting
We are the one and only consulting firm that inherits the Amoeba Management System. For our Japanese customers' which have implemented the Amoeba Management System, we support implementation and operation of overseas branches and factories. In June 2012, we established Kyocera Amoeba Management Consulting (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. in Shanghai China to expand the Amoeba Management System implementation business. We carry out Amoeba Management consulting, Amoeba Management seminars, and distribution and consulting of the Amoeba Management System to Chinese companies. We will continue our consulting business of the Amoeba Management System which is also attracting attention in the academic field overseas, to help customers all around the world.

Strengthening Business Partnerships Overseas

The KCCS Group focuses on establishing and developing companies incorporated abroad that are tied to local communities. We do this by placing great importance on making continuous contributions to local communities based on the idea that "a company incorporated abroad must contribute to the country, region, and community in which it is located." This is the heart of the management rational of the Kyocera Group.

We create partnerships with Japanese companies which make complimentary relationships and collaborative development possible. This is also true for oversea businesses that are willing to share the KCCS Group philosophy.

Supporting Globalization of Japanese Companies Domestically and Abroad

For businesses developing their operations overseas, factors that impact business often affect not only domestic but also overseas subsidiaries and affiliated companies all at the same time. Therefore, it is crucial that a company provides a type of management that adopts a group-wide corporate governance framework. Based on this perspective, the KCCS Group is building communication systems promoting visualization of group consolidated management on a global scale.